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Are you Passing These Financial Habits on to Your Children?

Kids quickly assimilate your
habits and attitudes regarding money.


Debt Consolidation: How You Can Find Relief From Medical Debt

Medical debt is a heavy weight on many households around the country. Medical debt is often not something that can be predicted or planned for


Book Release

Today July 4, 2020 marks the release of my book entitled: The Blueprint: 10 Ways to Improve Your Credit. July 4 growing up has always


Marriage and Finances

Your credit is one of your greatest income builders, so protect it before, while, and after you are married. Often, couples act under the common


Coronavirus: How credit card issuers are responding to the epidemic

Financial institutions have been encouraged by the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and the other financial regulators to work with their customers.


Credit Repair Is Not Rocket Science

Your recent behavior carry the most weight on your report so vow from this day forward you do what’s right and over time your score will grow.


How to Build Good Credit Right from the Start

Good credit is something that has to be worked at and maintained.


Understanding Your Credit Report and Score

When looking for a way to improve your credit score there are many steps in the process


Killing Debt

If your destination is to live a debt-free life, put it down.


Credit Clean Up: Make a Plan for the Future

Credit clean up can be a daunting task, especially when you have no idea which direction to go.